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Amazing Gift Idea #2

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

We’ve had a Forgotten Sage scented Votivo candle lit on our desk at Petrune for the past month or so, and the reactions from people who come in and have a sniff are the greatest.

“It smells like my grandma’s house!”

“That’s the kind of smell that just makes you feel warm and cozy.”

“It smells like spring in here…”

While Forgotten Sage is a personal favorite, each scent is so uniquely awesome that we’ve slowly begun cycling through all of them in the store. They make the perfect gift as well! Give one of these wonderful scents this holiday season :) .

Winter Cranberry and Christmas Sage

Many sizes and varieties!

We also have fragrance mists, for your body or your sheets.


Amazing Gift Idea #1

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

We are honestly having a hard time everyday not snapping up all these necklaces for ourselves! Brand new in the store from White Owl Jewelry, these lace statement necklaces are as beautiful and intricate as they are blissfully simple. Made by two sisters in Michigan who give new life to vintage pieces, each one has a unique handmade charm while still being as classy as Michelle Obama. We have a number of colors and styles in the store right now, and they’re going rather quickly if the first few days are any indication!